Carpet Cleaning and Sanitising: Why Homes and Businesses Should Not Take This for Granted

May 1, 2019

There are many homes and businesses use that prefer to use carpets for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Not only are they excellent at muffling sounds and reducing echoes in large rooms, especially in enclosed spaces with cement or tile flooring, but carpets can also add to the overall ambience and aesthetic beauty of a space.

Carpets are also an excellent addition to a home or business’s heating and insulation solutions. As beneficial as they are, often people overlook the need to clean carpets regularly. There are still homeowners and business owners that have the misinformed idea that carpets can be allowed to remain un-cleaned, as long as there is no outward sign of dirt or any visible stains. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are three good reasons why carpets ought to be cleaned on a regular basis:

• Avoid allergies – carpets can harbour dust, pollen, fur, and other allergens that may trigger an allergic reaction in a lot of people. Carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned will inevitably collect dust, which will be disturbed and dispersed all throughout the immediate environment, just by simply walking upon it. Regular vacuuming ensures that carpets remain free from potential allergens that can result in sneezing or coughing fits.

• Getting rid of pests – carpets can also become an ideal breeding ground for pests like lice, ticks, and fleas. In home settings, especially in houses that have pets, this can be more problematic, and in office settings the issue of pests can also exist. Bedbugs and other disease carrying pests can be transferred from home settings into office settings and nest in carpets.

Regular cleaning can help to prevent pests from proliferating in carpets and prevent the potential spread of disease.

• Removing musty odours and mould– carpets can collect moisture and trap in certain odours. Whether it is human sweat, cigarette smoke, perfume, food smells, or anything malodorous, carpets will collect them like a sponge. With the addition of moisture, these odours will become fetid and cause an intolerable smell to a room that cannot be simply concealed with air fresheners.

It is highly advised to hire professional carpet cleaners to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your carpets for home or office settings.

At A & K Blasch Cleaning, we are reliable and dependable professional cleaners who specialise in cleaning and sanitising carpets in homes and businesses. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or to inquire about our rates and professional cleaning services.

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