Commercial Cleaning: Cleaning Tasks Best Left to Professionals

March 23, 2020

During working hours, commercial facilities and buildings are always used by employers and employees to fulfil their respective jobs and responsibilities. Every workstation serves as the centre of business operations, while other areas such as restrooms, cafeteria, and entertainment lounge are present for essential and recreational aspects of a normal working day.

Both employers and employees have the responsibility to clean their respective working areas. However, there are some aspects of cleaning in a commercial building that must fall under the responsibility of cleaning professionals. So, if you are one of the business owners who want to know the cleaning tasks intended for professionals, then here are some of your answers.

Restroom Sanitation

Employees, and even you, go to restrooms regularly as you all need to flush out toxins in your body. If your working place is huge, then expect more germs and harmful microorganisms on your restroom facilities. In fact, a single restroom can gain around 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch only within an hour of regular use. Fortunately, professionals know the best cleaning agent and tools suitable for the deep cleaning of commercial restrooms. 

Kitchen Maintenance

A lot of commercial facilities have a kitchen area for the cafeteria and other areas that offer food and beverages. Most employees also go here to prepare their food for their breakfast and even dinner. However, some employees don’t practice cleaning after preparing their meals. There are even some of them who would just leave their waste anywhere, relying heavily on cleaners. So, just like restrooms, a kitchen must also undergo deep cleaning through the help of professional cleaners.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning professionals often consider to not only clean your floor but to polish it if possible. Some commercial facilities have marble floors that shine when cleaned. With a long time of use, this type of floor can get dull and lose the shiny finish. With the help of professionals, they can get this sparkly floor back by using special tools and equipment.

As we talk about the floor, one material that some commercial facilities contain is carpet. In normal daily usage, carpet can house a lot of dirt and germs even with regular cleaning. Moreover, the use of an average cleaning chemical can damage the carpet fibres. Luckily, cleaning professionals have the right cleaning agent to prevent any wear and tear on your carpet. 

Mopping Activity

If you don’t have marble or carpeted floors, then you might have hardwood floors. You might think that sweeping and vacuuming them is enough, but they don’t completely clean your floors. Your professional cleaners will apply wet mopping to deep clean these floors, bringing them back to their original state and beauty. They know the right amount of water that must be used on your floor to avoid its damage.

Glass Cleanup

There are a lot of offices that now use glass as part of their modern look and design. Glass can create a background that feels more professional, especially to those businesses that require daily office works and meetings. One compromise, however, of using glass is its ability to easily attract fingerprints, dust, and other dirty elements. When you request professional cleaning services, they will make sure that your glass will don’t have any dirty streaks and smudges.

Day Porter Services

Commercial cleaning throughout the day is done by day porter services. Without them, you will be stuck with an office that is bombarded by a bad smell, unattractive office appearance, and even flies and pest infestation. Day porter services include emptying trash cans, wiping down the kitchen, retaining restroom cleanliness, cleaning the doorknobs, and other services that maintain a workable office atmosphere and environment.

The aforementioned tasks are best left with professionals as they have the right knowledge and expertise about the cleaning tasks present in commercial spaces. If you want to hire professional cleaning services on your commercial building, then contact us now at A&K Blasch Cleaning.

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