Commercial Cleaning Services: Why Should You Prioritise this for the New Year?

Jun 29, 2019

A new year is here! The great thing about a new year is that it presents an opportunity for a fresh start for your business. For example, most business owners and managers usually try and revitalise their work spaces at the beginning of each year, by moving around furniture, only to discover there are parts of flooring that haven’t been cleaned in ages.

While moving around furniture and furnishing is a good way to make a workplace feel new, having your office or commercial space thoroughly cleaned by professionals is even better because it will make your business look and “feel” clean too.

Welcome the New Year with Commercial Cleaning Services

Give your business a fresh start this year with commercial cleaning services. It is proven that well-maintained and clean commercial spaces are more productive, and by prioritising the hiring of professional cleaners you can revitalise your business and give it a new fresh start this year.

While vacuuming floors and keeping furniture, desks, walls, flooring, and surfaces dust free is important, there is much more that is involved if you want to give your company a fresh start. A thorough cleaning at the beginning of the year should also include cleaning blinds, curtains, air ducts, filters, fans, electric bulbs, ceilings, walls, the interior and exterior of windows, toilets, and any kitchen space or areas where food is prepared.

Because every business is unique, commercial cleaners can customise cleaning to meet your specific requirements, based on the size and industry of your company and how often cleaning is needed.

Advantages of Hiring Commercial Cleaners to Start the New Year

There are many advantages when you prioritise commercial cleaning services for your business, here are a few:

Saves time and money – properly and thoroughly cleaning commercial spaces is time-consuming, and not practically possible when you consider hiring a full-time in-house cleaner. With a professional cleaning company like A & K Blasch Cleaning, you don’t have to hire anyone or buy and maintain anything. That is because they have experienced staff, the right cleaning equipment and materials to tackle any cleaning job easily.

Thorough cleaning guaranteed – commercial cleaners are trained how to remove dirt, grime, bacteria and mold that make your working spaces unhealthy, and with the right equipment and products, your business will be free of bacteria and germs. This will result in increased employee productivity, less sick days, and improved mood, perfect for starting a new year fresh, clean, and healthy.

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