Five Reasons to Schedule Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays

November 5, 2019

As the holiday season draws near, different preparations are being made by people from all walks of life. Some would decorate their homes with Christmas ornaments, while others would hang red stockings in their fireplaces. As a tradition, most families would reunite at this time of the year to dine together and tell stories among each other. As such, families who are bound to host the holiday festivities in their homes have to prepare in advance so that their house will be deemed accommodating and pleasant for their visiting relatives. One of the ways you can prepare your home for the holidays is by scheduling a carpet cleaning. Below are the five reasons on why you absolutely have to do so.

Efficient Stain Removal

Stains can be hard to spot on a regular carpet cleaning routine. There are certain scenarios wherein liquid spills and food stains are not removed properly, thus causing a tough stain almost impossible to clean. It can easily get worse with the wrong chemicals. If left uncleaned, new spills could easily stick to the old ones deeper in the fibres. That is why it is important to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Competent professional ones can quickly and easily remove the stain before they invite new and more stubborn ones.

Improves Air Quality

There are certain times wherein the lingering odour of the room would stay in the carpets. Of course, since you live in the house long enough, there is a tendency that you will no longer smell the unpleasant scent that is absorbed by the carpet. Modern carpet is also considered as a giant room or home filter that can trap common air pollutants and stench. These air pollutants and stench can cause allergies if left unremoved. Professional carpet cleaning will improve the air quality in a home since it deep cleans the carpet to remove any residual allergens and pollutants.


Carpets are a common area for toddlers and infants to move around. More often than not, they tend to place whatever they can get their hands on inside their mouth. They commonly sit on the floor to watch television and play. Sometimes they stay there to get their presents from under the Christmas tree. But with dirt, filth, germs and bacteria all over the carpet, it can be extremely unsafe for infants and toddlers since these could get them sick if further exposed. A scheduled professional carpet cleaning can reduce the chances of getting these children sick.

Stress-Free Holiday

Holidays are usually the busiest season especially for those who will be hosting their gatherings. Decorating the house alone could take up too much of your time, what more if you add the preparation of meals and gifts as well as the accommodation of guests. Availing a professional and efficient cleaning of the carpet can significantly reduce the burden for hosts and homeowners alike. You can save a whole deal of time and effort in getting things done while enjoying a stress-free holiday once you accomplish all the tasks at hand.

Carpet Maintenance

By availing a scheduled professional carpet cleaning just before the holidays, you can ensure that your carpet is clean and well-maintained. Professional carpet cleaning services can remove the dirt build-up without compromising its durability. Experts will also be able to provide protective coatings so that immediate dirt will not stick easily to the newly-cleaned premises.

Schedule your carpet cleaning with A & K. BLASCH Pty. Ltd. We offer carpet care services such as laying, steam cleaning, emergency drying, and stretching to ensure that your carpet will be clean and safe for the holidays.

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