Gardening Services and Landscaping for Nicer and Cleaner Surroundings

December 12, 2016


Keeping the surroundings of commercial buildings nice and clean is just as important as maintaining and up-keeping inside areas. That is why A.K. Blasch Pty Commercial Cleaners also offers gardening services and landscaping, to keep commercial properties looking their best, and even better.

A.K. Blasch Gardening Services and Landscaping for Commercial Properties

Here at A.K. Blasch, we not only provide complete commercial cleaning services, such as carpet care, window cleaning, all types of floor cleaning, and the sanitising of restrooms and toilets, but we also maintain the landscape of commercial and industrial properties too. Our services include landscape design, lawn and garden care, gutter cleaning, maintenance of outside lighting, steam washing parking areas and sidewalks, and more.

Working with our clients, our professional landscapers can design and install a well-planned landscape layout that will highlight the best features of commercial buildings and structures. A.K. Blasch gardening services can create a landscape for your property and turn it into something to be admired and appreciates, and, we will maintain it that way.

Professional landscape and gardening services include the following:

Mowing and trimming – we maintain all sizes of commercial lawns, even inaccessible areas where lawn mowers can’t reach, such as near poles, fencing, walls, and gardens.

Walkways and paths – all designated paths and sidewalks are kept cleans of leafs and debris using leaf blowers, and new paths can be created if needed. Our experienced landscapers work with our clients to create functional and pristine park-like grounds.

Vacant lot care – we can clear vacant lots of debris and weeds, and keep them looking clean and well maintained. By adding plants and gravel, a vacant field can be used effectively as a parking area, or used for other beneficial purposes.

If you are in need of a full service commercial cleaner that can maintain the inside and outside of your building, then A.K. Blasch Commercial Cleaning and Landscaping service can help. We are experts in the field of cleaning and landscaping in Melbourne, and our continued success remains in our ability to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

For more information about our commercial and industrial cleaning services, you are invited to contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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