Making Landlord’s Life Easy with Professional Cleaning Services

December 1, 2017


Keeping residential properties like apartments clean is literally a full-time job. Landlords are required to keep their buildings as clean as possible to be attractive to potential renters, and a comfortable and pleasing place to live for residents. In fact, for large apartments, it is impossible for one person to keep everything clean and well-maintained.

While hiring staff to clean an apartment building may sound like a good idea, a lot of time and money is involved before any cleaning work can be done. Cleaning equipment for flooring, walls and windows need to be bought, stored, and kept safe. Staff also needs to be trained how to use chemicals, vacuum cleaners, mops, and window cleaning tools so that they can clean properly.

Buying and storing cleaning chemicals can definitely be a challenge, as well as having to store these safely is also a liability concern landlords can’t ignore. For all these reasons, many landlords of apartments choose to hire commercial cleaners to maintain their buildings because it makes their job immensely easier.

Landlords Have it Easier with Professional Cleaning Services

If you are a landlord of an apartment building, then you know how important keeping your building in spotless shape is for tenants and potential renters. It’s hard work – keeping a building and its surroundings maintained, even when you have employees to do the work, that’s because managing them is a time-consuming responsibility that can’t be overlooked.

Hiring A & K Blasch Cleaning is the best way to make sure that your apartment building is as clean as it can be, spotless. Instead of hiring and managing employees to clean your building, you can avoid all the administrative costs and hassle of managing them by hiring professional cleaning services.

When you contract the cleaning services of A & K Blasch Cleaning you won’t have to worry about hiring and managing employees to clean your apartment building, or having to buy any cleaning materials and equipment such as vacuum cleaners and mops. That is because A & K Blasch Cleaning has all the cleaning materials and equipment needed to keep any size apartment building clean.

Our professional cleaners are licensed, bonded, and trained to use all cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, and machinery safely, to effectively keep flooring, walls, windows, and public areas spotless. We can customise a cleaning schedule that will best meet the needs of your apartment or condo complex.

Cleaning services include carpet care, trash disposal, window cleaning, dusting all surfaces, wall cleaning, and the sanitisation of all public areas and restrooms. A & K Blasch Cleaning also specialises in move-in-ready cleaning for apartments.

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