Moving to New Business Headquarters? Then Professional Cleaning is a Must!

June 17, 2019

If it is time for your company to move into a new business headquarters, then professional cleaning is a must, for good reasons. One of the reasons is that by hiring a professional cleaner will minimise the impact on your business during the moving period. Whether your new headquarters is a new building or you are moving into a renovated space, it is important to make sure the space is thoroughly prepared and cleaned before you start moving machinery, equipment, and business furnishings into it.

Professional Cleaning is a Must Before Moving into a New Business Headquarters

Before placing any desks, chairs, and furniture, and even before the IT equipment is setup and installed, professional cleaning is a must! The entire building should be thoroughly cleaned, dusted, and any debris left over from tradespeople removed or there could be problems later.

If there is debris, dirt and dust that is left over after construction or renovation work, and business furnishings and equipment is moved into your new headquarters, then these particles could negatively affect the operation of your business. For example, dirt, dust, debris, mold, and bacteria in your new headquarters can be harmful to employees, resulting in eye irritations, asthma, runny nose, rashes, throat irritation, and coughing, to mention a few health related issues.

What does professional pre-cleaning your new headquarters involve?

Professional commercial cleaners from A & K Blasch Cleaning will thoroughly perform the following pre-cleaning services to the spaces of your new headquarters:

- Vacuuming carpets
- Mopping floors and stairs
- External and internal window cleaning
- Thorough cleaning of all surfaces, including walls and ceilings
- Cleaning and sanitising bathrooms, toilets, and showers
- Rubbish removal

Once pre-cleaning services are completed and all machinery, equipment, desks and chairs are moved into your new headquarters, on-going cleaning and maintaining a hygienic work environment will be much easier.

A & K Blasch Cleaning Services can Pre-Clean Your New Headquarters

Commercial cleaning services from A & K Blasch Cleaning can make sure that all areas of your new headquarters are spotless and sanitised, before moving all of your business furnishing, equipment, and employees into your new headquarters.

Not only does A & K Blasch Cleaning provides full commercial and industrial cleaning services, but we also offer professional landscape and gardening services as well. Landscape and gardening services include mowing and trimming lawns, keeping walkways and paths clean of debris using leaf blowers, and vacant lot care, which includes lot clearing and adding plants and gravel to create parking spaces.

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