Newly-built Multi-Development Units: Why Hire Professional Cleaners?

April 17, 2019

The post-construction cleaning of newly-built multi-development units is a necessity – a task that should be conducted by professional cleaners. Hiring professional cleaners as the construction of multi-development units comes near to completion is highly recommended, for a number of reasons.

Basically, construction is a messy undertaking, as there are often multiple tradespeople who are active on build-sites at any given time. Trades people, and others working for the contractor, often leave the areas where work is completed in a mess. These spaces often need extra cleaning, to make sure that the property is ready to be turned over to the owner.

For completed multi-development units, hiring professional cleaners is also recommended for the following reasons:

Removal of dirt and dust – found everywhere, dirt and dust are expected byproducts after construction is completed. Dirt and dust often settles in places unseen, and unless it is removed thoroughly after construction, it will remain when people move in their furniture and begin living in the units, which could potentially cause respiratory or skin problems for some people.

To properly clean dirt and dust from new buildings, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and spaces is necessary, including behind appliances, furnishings, windows, cabinets, drawers, and flooring.

Removal of leftover materials – after constructing new buildings, most debris will have been removed by the contractor. However, there are a variety of other materials that can be left behind by tradespeople, such as pieces of drywall, tiles, wood, carpet, and paint remnants on surfaces, to mention just a few.

Professional cleaners have the equipment, tools, training, and experience to thoroughly remove not only dust and dirt from flooring and surfaces, but they can remove any construction materials and debris left-over from the contractor or trades people too. Professional cleaners will make sure that all construction materials and debris is cleaned up and disposed of properly.

Window cleaning – newly-built multi-development units will definitely have all sorts of dust and dirt accumulated on the window, which is why property owners and managers should hire professional cleaners to make sure that all windows are not clouded with a layer of grime.

If you want to make sure that newly-built multi-development units are in the best shape they can be, then hire professional cleaners that specialise in post-construction cleaning services, like A.K. Blasch Cleaning.

At A.K. Blasch Cleaning, we offer complete commercial cleaning services. When hired to clean and maintain newly-built multi-development units, we guarantee that our experienced and highly trained cleaners will thoroughly clean all surfaces and flooring to remove built-up dust and dirt, and will remove all leftover debris from tradespeople, and then dispose of it properly, so you don't have too.

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