Post Construction Cleaning Services: What Should You Expect from Professional Cleaners?

February 7, 2020

Most construction companies move out right away once they have rendered their construction services as stipulated by their terms of the agreement and key work responsibilities. As they wrap up, some debris like dust, dirt, chunks of drywall, dirty window seals, and other materials are left uncleaned. Even if your cleaners can clean them, some of these elements require special attention as they can be thoroughly cleaned with special agents.

Fortunately, professional cleaners are the best people to hire when cleaning post-construction debris and other remains. They have the best knowledge when it comes to cleaning different situations as they know the best tool for a specific type of dirt or debris. They also know the cleaning technique that will eradicate not just the dirt itself, but also the bacteria and germs that are present on the area.

So, what should you know and expect from professional cleaners?

Prioritise Safety

One may assume that post-construction cleaning is easy. Some property owners may even think and attempt to clean the area all by themselves. However, as they start to clean their newly constructed property, they might encounter difficulties and even hazards along the way. Most of the time, some power tools, carts, ladder, and lifts are still around the area. Without proper equipment and tools, normal cleaning personnel would find it difficult to remove these things that are scattered around the area.

Professional cleaners know this too well. One thing that they would surely do first before getting to the cleaning part is to assess and check the involved property. After their initial assessment, they would call in all the needed equipment, personal protection gear requirements, and other things to make the cleaning go smoothly.

Bring Appropriate Equipment

Most of us would think that a typical office cleaning equipment is enough in eliminating post-construction debris and dirt. This type of thinking will surely damage our own cleaning equipment since some of the post-construction elements are not suitable for office equipment. When your office vacuum absorbs post-construction materials, there will be a huge chance that it will be damaged permanently.

Professional cleaners have the best industrial-grade tool and equipment in cleaning post-construction materials. Moreover, they have all the cleaning agents that are needed to ensure the cleanliness of your whole newly constructed property. In relation to cleaning agents, they also have enough manpower to lift some post-construction equipment. 

Perform Phased Approach

What makes professional cleaners the most qualified team to do post cleaning services is the way they do the cleaning. These professionals practice a phased approach, which is a method of cleaning that breaks down larger tasks into small manageable tasks. One most common mistake that we do is to clean them without considering the amount of dust that will settle later on. Professional cleaners, however, know how to remove dust after they have done some of their cleaning tasks. They take into consideration the amount of time that they have to wait before proceeding on the removal of smaller post-construction debris. 

Aside from removing dust, professional cleaners know how to distribute tasks to each of their members. After careful assessment, they would group themselves according to the tasks assigned by their management. Professional cleaners know how to balance all the tasks assigned and do all the cleaning in a balanced way. 

Post-construction cleaning services can be tedious if we do them by ourselves. But if you hire a professional cleaning company, you will be saving a lot of effort and time in making your new property ready for use. A professional cleaning company like us, at A&K Blasch Cleaning, can help you remove post-construction debris, dust, and other related materials in a very short time.

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