Post-Holiday Carpet Care Services: Why Are They Necessary?

December 13, 2019

While it is easy to understand why you should avail yourself of carpet care services prior to the holiday season, you may not realise all the reasons to hire them after the holiday season is over. Take a minute to think about how much traffic and punishment your carpets have to endure during your special festivities and some reasons may come to you. To guarantee that you do comprehend why post-holiday carpeting care services are important, though, we offer the following information.

Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning Remove Stains and Dirt From Carpet

After the holidays, your carpet is full of tracked in dirt that you may or may not be able to see. Also, there might be stains from food, beverages and other elements that need removing. Professional vacuuming and steam cleaning will remove these unwanted issues from your carpet to return it to a clean and an attractive condition.

Re-Stretch Broadloom Carpeting When Necessary

An excess of foot traffic may cause your broadloom carpet to ripple in place. Re-stretching by skilled professionals will remove the bubbles or ripples. Failure to address this issue might intensify the problem.

The Installation of New Carpeting to Prepare for the Year Ahead

At times, the carpeting is so dirty after the holiday festivities that you need to install new to make sure your house or building is ready for the coming year. This is one other reason that many use post-holiday carpet care services.

Emergency Drying Is Available in Case a Pipe Bursts After the Holidays

You may survive the holidays without your carpeting being worse for wear, but all of a sudden, a pipe breaks and spews water all over it. The only answer for this type of issue is to hire emergency drying for your carpet. Immediate attention is crucial to prevent the water from permanently damaging the carpet and subfloor, and it deters mould growth.

Lengthens the Life of Your Present Carpeting

An additional reason to take advantage of post-holiday carpet care services is that they will lengthen the life of your current carpeting whether it is broadloom or tile. Properly maintaining your carpet can add years of usefulness to it even beyond its guaranteed lifespan.

Turn to A & K Blasch to receive quality post-holiday carpet care services. We are a family-owned company that provides quality cleaning, landscaping, window washing, carpet care and other services to suit the needs of our clients. Our company serves the Melbourne metropolitan area.

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