Professional Cleaning in Newly-Built Homes: Giving Home Owners a Good Headstart

September 19, 2019

If you have just finished building your new home, congratulations! Purchasing a new home is a huge accomplishment, and no doubt you are ready to move your things, unpack, and settle in. Even if you are ready to begin moving into your newly-built home, there is one more important thing to you should do first, and that is to have your new home professionally cleaned.

Professionally cleaning of newly-built homes is beneficial in that it gives home owner a good headstart in developing their own regular cleaning regimen.

Why Post Construction and Builders Cleaning Services are Important

From the very start, laying the foundation of a house, erecting the walls, installing windows and doors, and choosing the type of flooring to use have all been planned with care. It is safe to say that that once a house is constructed the home owners are anxious for the builder to hand-over the keys so that they can begin moving into their new home.

For builders, it is of paramount importance that when the time does come to hand-over the keys to the home owners, the building is spotlessly clean. For that very reason, builders cleaning services are available to make sure that newly-built homes exceed the expectation of home owners when handing over the keys, as the builder’s reputation is on the line for producing spotless work.

During the construction of a new house, builders will have designated workers to collect debris and rubbish that builds up on the work-site, but once construction is finished, a newly built house needs to be professionally cleaned to prepare it for the final turnover. For example, after installing fixtures such as door knobs and sink tabs, mirrors, windows, and flooring, subcontractors don’t usually spot clean finger prints, blemishes, dust and dirt, or scuff marks off surfaces and flooring.

Professional post construction cleaning is needed to make sure that every inch of a newly-built house is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, before finally turning it over to the new owner or property manager.

Builders Cleaning Services Gives Home Owners a Good Headstart

Builders cleaning services include post construction cleaning procedures that give home owners a good headstart in keeping their newly-built home clean, by offering the following services:

- All temporary labels are removed from all surfaces
- All toilets, sinks, and surfaces are sanitised
- Ceiling, walls, and baseboards are dusted and cleaned
- Carpets are vacuumed and steam-cleaned as needed
- Hard floors are wet mopped and polished
- All glass and windows are washed and polished

Whether you are a builder or a home owner, you can benefit from professional builders cleaning service from A & K Blasch Cleaning.

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