Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services: When Should This Be Done?

December 6, 2018

The maintenance and care of hard flooring is essential because it protects the investment you have made into your property. With regular professional cleaning, your hard flooring can be kept in the best possible shape to ensure your investment will last for many years to come.

There are quite a few types of hard flooring, with each type requiring special care. But no matter what type of hard flooring you have in your home, it will eventually require maintenance. Below is a list of some of the most common types of hard flooring, with some advice on when they should be professionally cleaned:

Vinyl cleaning – considered hard flooring, vinyl is typically installed over concrete. Regular maintenance of vinyl will ensure that it always looks good and will last for a long time. When vinyl flooring is not cleaned regularly it can cause unnecessary extra wear and tear from dust and dirt buildup, which can considerably lessen its estimated life span and usefulness. Professional cleaning includes removing old wax, then scrubbing the floor thoroughly before reapplying a double coat of quality commercial grade wax.

This not only produces a long lasting shine on your vinyl flooring, but it also makes cleaning your flooring easier in the future.

Hardwood floor cleaning – hardwood floors can last for decades, especially with professional hardwood floor cleaning and renewal services, which helps to protect them throughout the years. Regular maintenance and occasional deep cleaning, using special techniques and cleaning equipment, will effectively reduce the signs of aging and wear and make sure that your hardwood flooring will look as good as new.

Proper deep cleaning restores the natural look of your hard wood and can help to reduce the need and frequency of stripping.

Tile and grout cleaning – keeping tile and grout looking clean can be difficult, especially in high traffic areas, which is why professional cleaning services are advised. Professional cleaners can remove the most stubborn grout stains, and seal both tile and grout to create stain free surfaces that can last for well over a decade! Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services

How often should your hard floors be professionally cleaned? That is a good question to ask, however, the answer depends on the type of flooring and the amount of foot traffic it receives daily? The best people to determine how often your hard floors need to be cleaned are professional hard floor cleaners from A.K. Blasch Cleaning.

At A.K. Blasch Cleaning, we offer hard floor cleaning and renewal services that guarantee the best results.

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