Why is Vacuum Cleaning Not Enough for Carpet Care in Offices?

May 15, 2019

Vacuum cleaning is a regular routine that is conducted in every office everywhere in the world. If you have carpets in your office workspace, you can expect the slow drone of a vacuum cleaner to be heard every now and then.

Vacuuming is a necessity for offices, especially now that nearly all offices everywhere are air-conditioned. Not only does regular vacuuming prevent the accumulation of dust that can become an irritant, it also helps to maintain the plush appearance of most standard office carpets.

However, not a lot of people know that simply vacuuming a carpet is not enough to ensure the thorough sanitation of an office space. These are the reasons why:

• Does not remove odours – vacuuming only removes surface dust and minor deep-seated dust and grime that are found in carpets. It does nothing to remove unseemly odours that may be the result of damp, accumulated food smells, or smoke.

• Does not help to eliminate mould and mildew – vacuuming alone does not eliminate the presence of mould or mildew which can contribute to unsightly odours as well as be a contributor to allergens. Since mould requires heat for the spores to be killed off, simple vacuuming will not suffice if your carpet has been blighted by mould.

• Does not kill bacteria and other pathogens – simply vacuuming a carpet is not enough to kill bacteria that may be using the carpet as a breeding ground. Since bacteria can only be killed by high heat, anti-bacterial detergents, or strong disinfectants, vacuuming just cannot kill or remove bacteria by itself. It does not generate enough heat to properly eliminate bacteria and germs in carpet, nor does typical vacuuming include disinfectants that can be applied to kill mould and mildew.

• Does not eliminate parasites – ticks, fleas, lice, and bedbugs – all of these creatures can house themselves in carpets. Because carpets are fibrous and have a tendency to collect and hold heat, it makes for an ideal breeding ground for pests that can be carriers of disease. Simple vacuuming will not be enough to totally eliminate them and ensure infestations do not recur.

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